Transportation and On-Time Delivery

A late delivery can translate to unnecessary downtime or a missed mail date – and an upset or lost client. We control our transportation with our own trucks when possible, and have dedicated staff to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition on time. Tidewater Direct takes due dates as seriously as you do; trust Tidewater Direct for quick turn around times and on-time deliveries for your projects.

In using our own fleet of tractor trailers to make deliveries, we are an MC licensed carrier, which means that we can haul freight commercially. By obtaining backhauls, this helps us extend our reach by providing excellent freight rates to destinations over 250 miles away.

Tidewater Direct – Freight Solutions

Equipped with 3 tractors and 7 dry van trailers, Tidewater Direct is a cost-conscious choice to haul local truck loads efficiently in the Baltimore and Eastern Shore area. With regular business in Baltimore and on the Eastern Shore, Tidewater Direct is equipped to haul freight on contract or spot truck loads to take advantage of empty trucks traveling back to the eastern shore and around the Baltimore Washington area. Contact Robert Jones to learn more about our trucking capacity and availability.