Tidewater Direct understands and respects the environmental impact that printing, or any industry can make, and strives to operate as a good corporate citizen in all facets of business. Tidewater Direct proudly takes this environmental awareness a step further.

Tidewater Direct was granted a full FSC™ chain-of-custody certification for all 3 of its facilities by the Smartwood Program. Additionally, Tidewater received a certification of compliance with the Rainforest Alliance, furthering Tidewater’s recognition as a leader in socially responsible printing practices. The certifications allow Tidewater Direct and its clients to showcase the FSC™ and Rainforest Alliance logo when printing on paper that has been harvested sustainably, demonstrating a conscious effort to the end user to commit to environmentally friendly practices.

Moreover, Tidewater has an internal paper recycling program in each of its facilities. Every year we submit for recycling many thousands of tons of paper. Each of our three facilities has a central bailer to efficiently capture the paper for recycling.

Tidewater Direct is committed to continually minimizing its environmental impact. With environmentally friendly certifications, a massive recycling initiative, energy-saving building improvements such as insulated roofs and doors, and waste reduction techniques, Tidewater Direct has taken significant steps to be more environmentally friendly than ever. Tidewater Direct strives to conduct all business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.