Company Profile

Tidewater Direct, LLC and American Direct, Inc comprise 3 commercial web offset and digital printing facilities across Maryland and Iowa. Together, they service national print markets with niches in digital inkjet printing and finishing, commercial direct mail printing, continuous forms printing, and pharmaceutical printing. A footprint of 200,000 square feet, a fleet web offset and digital presses, and various finishing lines enables Tidewater to compete nationally on high volume direct mail and commercial print projects. Each facility operates an independent prepress department ensuring redundancy across the locations.

Tidewater Direct and American Direct are sister companies, founded by Ken Boone. American Direct was built from the ground up started in 2002; Tidewater Direct was formed by purchasing the assets from the declining Tidewater Publishing Corp creating two separate entities in 2006. By infusing the operations with fresh capital used to upgrade equipment and systems, and aligning them with those of American Direct, a national brand was created. In 2020, Ken handed the torch to his daughter and son-in-law, Jennifer and Geoffrey Eisenberg, who directly oversee the company as CEO and COO.